Location Equine Portrait Lifestyle photo shoot in Hampshire

I can’t quite believe it is July already! Where has the last 7 months gone? It’s been a very exciting year for me with new exciting adventures ahead and many more gorgeous equine photoshoots to come.

One of my favourite things about photographing horses and their owners is the locations they are in. Each photo shoot is varied and sometimes you come across the most inspiring backdrops. From streams to the perfect tree or log. What would come across as mundane to others may provide me with an astounding background to my images.

Take these stables for instance – look at the texture and colour! I get so excited when I see textures and I am a sucker for a stable door. (That’s the artist in me!)

Stables New Forest Fordingbridge

And this tree – it’s so magical – look at its shape and its great for sitting on or as a leaning post.

gorgeous horse and rider hampshire


Magical tree and horse New Forest #equinephotographer

Inside the barns are beautiful and can give creative images.

Stables Barns Equine photo shoots #equinephotographer

Streams, water – the reflections, the sparkle, horses look great near water plus it cools them off when they wade in or need a well-earned drink!

Pony by Stream #equinephotographer Horse and water Romsey Hampshire #equinephotographer

Long grass – who doesn’t love long grass? Ok I know it can be a slightly itchy but doesn’t it look great?

equine photography Southampton

Tracks and minor roads are great backdrops too with their leading lines or framed by trees can make for magical photography.

equine photographer Southampton tracks pony hacks #equinephotographer

Have you got any favourite locations? Where would you want to take your horse for a special photo shoot?



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