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Colin’s antics | Equine Lifestyle Photoshoot | Hampshire

by | Nov 19, 2018 | EQUINE

It was a foggy afternoon out on the common when I met up with the lovely Ellie and her gorgeous thoroughbred, Colin. Unfortunately for Colin, as he was an ex-racer and he was going to be put down but luckily, Ellie saved him. He is only 4 years old and very gorgeous.

As we wandered through the autumn fog picking out yellow foliage as our backdrop, we met upon some foresters. These lovely but very nosey ponies wanted to join in with our photo shoot and photobombed quite a few times!! We walked off to a clearing but the pesky ponies trotted after us and started running rings around us. After a little bit they bolted off but unfortunately so did Colin – poor Ellie raced off to retrieve him. Thankfully the rest of the photo shoot went smoothly and we got some beautiful photos. Get in touch to get gorgeous photos like these.

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